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Automate Microsoft 365 and Azure Configurations

Manage M365 effortlessly on a large scale with the revolutionary configuration as code solution. This tool is crucial for MSP automation and provides key features for governance, automation, and lifecycle management, tailor-made for enterprise IT teams.

Establish and maintain baseline configurations for multiple Microsoft 365 environments

Enhance security and streamline operations by aligning multiple Microsoft 365 environments with tailored baselines. Rapidly deploy modifications en masse to tenants, conduct comprehensive compliance reports against your standards, and automate corrections for any deviations. Simeon stands out as the top choice for scaling and standardizing tenant configurations with unmatched efficiency.

Audit, Backup and Restore

Enhance compliance and ensure business continuity through daily backups and reports on changes. Our user interface facilitates the easy comparison of your current settings with those from a previous time, allowing for the restoration of configurations as needed. Curious about who made a modification, or when and why it was made? Simeon monitors these critical details, enabling you to act swiftly and maintain optimal IT performance.

Security & Compliance

Boost security and compliance using software designed to uphold best practices consistently. Simeon Cloud allows you to set a regulatory compliance benchmark, incorporating the Simeon Baseline. We provide daily reports on deviations and furnish management tools, helping you ensure configuration-level adherence for Microsoft 365.