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Riversuite provides you with a central platform for documentation and inventory of the entire customer infrastructure, patch management, software distribution, remote maintenance, anti-virus protection with G DATA and Windows Defender, remote monitoring and management.

Hosted on your own Server

Smart check packages

Agent for all OS (Windows, Linux and MacOS)

Fix costs per MSP (not per device or technician)


Smart RMM tool

Automation of checks as well as automatic deployment of local agents.

Patch management and software deployment

Distribution of patches for Microsoft and non-Microsoft with granular setting options, as well as the deployment of own software.


From IP address to Active Directory, via various server systems to SNMP devices, everything at a single view

Riverbird Client

Monitoring und Management

Proactive monitoring of clients, servers and networks. Riversuite gives you all the tools you need to offer your customers a truly managed service. The reporting functions ensure that you know exactly what happened, when and why, and can show this to your customer.

Patch Management and Software deployment

Control Windows updates, drivers and your own software applications from a dashboard and distribute them to the customer or make them available for installation via a kiosk.

Assetmanagement and reporting

With Riversuite, all network devices and user directories can be recorded agentlessly and sent automatically in reports or complete documentation.