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Control Windows updates, drivers and your own software applications from a dashboard and deploy them to the customer or make them available for installation via a kiosk.

Categorize Microsoft updates yourself

Ingnore or block updates

Ask before restarting the device

Own software bundles


Policies can be freely defined via inheritance policies. This allows different installation plans to be planned based on the category classification. If activated, the user also has the option of delaying a necessary restart so that their current activity is not affected.

Manual installation

Updates that are not automatically installed by a policy can be manually triggered for installation.

Software bundles

The software packaging wizard can be used to centrally deploy custom applications that are not yet in the software catalog. If supported, variables can be used to carry out an installation in silent mode without user interaction.

Deployment policy

Software from the catalog or from your own packaging can be installed on the customer device as a forced installation or offered to the user via the software kiosk for free installation without admin rights (UAC).


Software Kiosk

The user has access to the software kiosk via the taskbar application and can choose from a list of software products here. Any software updates can also be installed here.