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Riversuite RMM is the central platform for your managed services. This allows you to proactively solve problems through self-healing options or inform your technicians before the customer sees the problem themselves.

Create checktemplates

Use default health checks

recurring tasks

deploy local agent automatically

Central dashboard

Various dashboard views and filter options help to maintain an overview in day-to-day msp operations. With just one click, you immediately receive all the necessary error information and can establish a direct connection to the device via the integrated remote maintenance function.

Create monitoring templates

Various checks and scripts can be assigned or deployed to the devices via template bundles. A granular set of rules ensures that the packages are only delivered to the correct device type.


Planning and assigning jobs

Tasks such as the weekly restart, the triggering of events or similar can be performed centrally via the job center. As in the check templates, the granular set of rules is available so that assignment is possible at customer or location level as well as on the basis of device parameters (OU, class, etc.).

Deploy agents

Deploys the agent via InTune, group policy or via a central server in the customer’s network. All you need to do is install the agent on a device and enter the necessary access data.