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Managed E-Mail

Managed e-mail refers to services where you take over the administration and provision of e-mail services including upstream and downstream systems for companies.

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Microsoft 365 Management

With CoreView’s powerful tools, you can analyze, manage, automate, optimize, secure and check all of your customers’ Microsoft tenants in a uniform manner. It allows you to process workflows and checklists precisely or implement them centrally.

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NoSpamProxy offers uncompromising email security and requires fewer resources in the company than all other solutions – both for IT administrators and for the users themselves. All modules are flexible and can be used either as a SaaS service in the cloud, on your own Azure server or locally on site.

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Backup and archiving for Microsoft 365

Dropsuite is a backup and archiving solution for Microsoft 365 that combines archiving with a user-friendly interface to strengthen your customers’ data security and ensure compliance requirements are met.