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How does Lywand help you as an MSP?

The security audit platform from lywand enables you to carry out fully automated and continuous security audits of your customers’ IT infrastructure. The platform provides customized recommendations to sustainably improve IT security. In addition, you are supported in sales and in the placement of measures through management reports and visual representations.

Automated security audits of the IT infrastructure

Evaluation, analysis & categorization of scan results

Efficient action planning thanks to automatic prioritization



Overcoming personnel bottlenecks

Manual security checks are no longer necessary thanks to the recurring scans

Simplified communication with your customers

Management report with key information on the IT security situation

House analogy

With the help of lywand’s house analogy, communication with your customers regarding the security situation can be visualized and simplified

Sell Security Audit more easier!

The house analogy supports you in your sales pitch and explains technical risks for your customer using simple graphics and descriptions.


The external infrastructure can be checked automatically at regular intervals, while daily scans are carried out internally.

Reports & Dashboards

Use pre-built reports and dashboards or customize them as required by your customers. For example, send them a monthly report of all users or external approvals. This creates visibility and an overview of potential risks.

Renovation plan / action list

In the renovation plan, you can efficiently plan measures and keep an eye on the progress of the implementation. During the next security audit, lywand will check whether the implemented measures have actually rectified the security gaps in question.

Monthly executive reports

In the management report, you will find an easy-to-understand summary of the security audit. In addition to the key facts about the scope of the audit, the development of the security situation is also presented.