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How does Keeper help you as an MSP?

The Keeper password manager uses digital vaults to effectively protect your customers’ passwords and sensitive data. Keeper offers you comprehensive insights into your customers’ password usage behavior as well as extensive reporting and auditing functions.


Web-, Desktop-App, Mobile-Client & Browser extension

Zero trust and maximum security polices

Import of data


Reduces the risk of data theft

Keeper creates randomly generated, complex passwords for all your customers’ websites and applications and stores them in a secure data vault

Intelligent browser extension

Automatic recognition and completion of web and desktop applications

Strengthens compliance

Supports role-based access control etc., as well as event reporting and any customer requirements for compliance with certain standards

Password Safe

Protects the IT environments of the companies you support and eliminates uncontrolled IT secrecy by making access data firmly anchored in program code, configuration files and CI/CD systems unnecessary.

Connection Manager

Provides secure remote access for you and your customers to their work environments. Systems are easily accessed via a web browser using RDP, SSH and Kubernetes endpoints.

Keeper Connectionmanager

Allows InfoSec administrators to monitor more than 100 different security and activity events with customizable reports, real-time notifications and seamless integration with third-party SIEM solutions.


Continuously monitors the darknet and sends alerts when compromised passwords are found so administrators can take immediate steps to prevent cyberattacks against the organization’s accounts.

Central admin console

The platform is provided, customized, managed and checked individually for all customers via a central admin console.

Simple mobile app that automatically recognizes websites and suggests login credentials from within the app.

Keeper App

Security analysis reveals weak or reused credentials. BreachWatch also continuously monitors each user’s Keeper vault for passwords that have surfaced on the Darknet and notifies the user immediately so that they can take all necessary steps to protect the organization.