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How does Domotz help you as an MSP?

As a network monitoring tool including management of switch configurations and much more, as well as seamless integrations with PSA, domotz offers you as a managed services provider a central platform solution hosted in the data center.

Detecting Shadow IT

Backup of the network configuration

Network monitoring by SNMP, PING, WMI

Network topology


Easy to use

All IP devices are discovered by a central agent in the network, across VLANs.


Have alarms sent to your own helpdesk system/PSA/teams for defined events.

VPN on Demand

Access to customer network devices through tunneled requests via the installed agent/virtual appliance.



The dashboard offers you the possibility to display and monitor all devices in a simple way.

Network map

Domotz is equipped with an advanced and user-friendly feature for mapping network topology. This tool provides a visual representation of the connections between devices on a network. It identifies all devices on your network, maps out the network structure, and monitors their activities. Grasping the layout of the network and the interconnections between devices is essential for determining the most effective methods for managing and securing the network.


Integrate domotz into the tools you use, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, various PSA solutions and much more.