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How does DNSFilter help you as an MSP?

DNSFilter is a cloud-based DNS filtering and security tool that helps your customers secure their network and block unwanted websites and content. The platform offers a comprehensive set of features, including web filtering, malware protection, threat prevention and content control.

DNS network visibility and intelligence

Content categorization and filtering

Dashboard for multiple clients

Roaming clients for endpoint protection


The data export function allows customers to export data from DNSFilter to another tool in near real time.

Accuracy in the identification of threats

Around 76% of the threats identified are not detected by other systems.

Zero-day threats

New threats are detected approx. 7 days before conventional warning messages.



In reporting, you can track exactly where your customers navigate in your network. You get a clear overview of the most frequently blocked and allowed categories. DNSFilter also offers the option to filter and export your data for convenient and comprehensive analysis

Query Log

In the DNSFilter query log, we give you the ability to dive deeper into your DNS network data by analyzing traffic at the query level. You can view timestamps and find out which network, roaming client or relay processed the query



Use pre-built reports and dashboards or customize them as required by your customers. For example, send them a monthly report of all users or external approvals. This creates visibility and an overview of potential risks.