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Create monitoring policies based on various parameters and add them to playbooks. In the parent dashboard you can see all customers and the respective status for the playbook, as well as in the tenant including all details

MSP cockpit

See all customer tenants with the respective status in relation to the playbooks and policies and identify warnings and alerts/violations immediately.

Customer detailed view

In the tenant view, you receive all information about the policy, the warnings and can go into the individual object.

Monitoring Policy

Create a policy based on different objects, such as users, mailboxes, teams or an activity and add a condition, such as that a user with admin rights must have multi-factor authentication active. Then select whether a workflow should be executed or a customized email should be sent.

Add the policy to a Playbook

Collect all guidelines in a playbook. This helps you to keep an overview and supports the categorization of warnings/alerts.