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How does Bitdefender help you as an MSP?

GravityZone Cloud MSP Security is a multi-layered security solution that combines system hardening, threat prevention and detection technologies with machine learning and behavioral analytics to provide advanced threat defense. This allows you to provide maximum protection in the home office, making your customers’ networks more resilient against complex ransomware attacks and security breaches.

Endpoint Security

Full Disk Encryption

E D R, MDR and X D R


Effective protection against attacks

Minimizes risks by combining advanced AI with advanced risk analysis, content and device control, network protection and exploit defense.

Standardized security

Protects workstations and servers at all levels (physical, virtual or in the cloud) through risk analysis, hardening, prevention, detection and rapid response.

Maximum protection

Enable maximum protection for your customers regardless of location thanks to extensive integrations.


The dashboard gives you the opportunity to directly identify all problems and opportunities for improvement and take action.


The granular policies make it possible to implement customer-specific requirements and thus ensure maximum protection of devices and infrastructure.

Risk Analysis

Overview of all potential security risks such as operating system settings, patch status, conspicuous user behavior, etc.